Beauty begins with Luxor Beauty World Sdn. Bhd
Beauty begins with Luxor Beauty World Sdn. Bhd
Beauty begins with Luxor Beauty World Sdn. Bhd

Nion Beauty Opus Luxe

Price: RM470.90
Color Choice
Discover the secret to a bright, youthful complexion with Opus Luxe. Our exclusive anti-aging skincare device now features a bigger cleaning surface and optimized design, enhancing its purifying and rejuvenating qualities and giving you the confident to glow.Available 2 colors: Pink/ Wood

Direction To Use
1. Prepare : Apply cleanser , wet your Opus device to go with warm water.
2. Activate: Hit the power switch to get your Opus started and adjust your desire speed to suit your cleansing.
3. Cleanse : Let your Nion do its thing.Gently guide Opus to go across your face in circular motions for 3 mins.
4. Glow: Rinse your face and put dry for gorgeous , glowing skin. For best results apply moisturizer immediately after cleansing.
5. Care: Care for your Opus device by rinsing with warm water and let air dry. Use mild soap if necessary.

Key Benefit
3 - Speed Kinetic Skin Cleansing® Vibration.
• 3 – Speed of Pulsating Lifting Massage Vibration.
• S-ion Technology® Silicone surface.
• Audible Notification with Integrated Timer.
• Dual purpose cleansing and anti-aging skin lifting surfaces.
• Unique, ergonomic design with auto-contouring head.
• Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery with charging base.
• Easy to clean.
• Bathtub safe.
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