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Soothing & Sensitivity
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Algotherm - AlgoSensi High Tolerance Protective Fluid 50ml

Product Description
Soothing corrective treatment

Nourishing & moisturizing*, it protects the skin and reduces sensations of discomfort every day. redness and imperfections are reduced. The skin's well-being, softness and comfort are restored.

Advantages: Its corrective green pigments, which instantly reduce redness.
Paraben Free - Phenoxyethanol Free - Hypoallergenic - Tested under dermatological control

Skin is soothed more effectively 90%*
Tugging sensations are reduced 95% *
Redness is reduced 72%*

How To Use
Apply on face and neck (morning/evening).

Algotherm - AlgoSensi High Tolerance SOS Balm 15ml

Product Description
Exceptional repairing skincare

It repairs and intensely calms the skin. It promotes cellular renewal. Tightness and dryness are diminished. The skin is preserved, protected and softer.

Advantages: Its SOS action which immediately soothes fragile areas. Its visible repairing action right on waking.

Beauty tip: Before the application on face, squeeze the balm with fi ngertips into the palm of the hand.

Paraben Free - Phenoxyethanol Free - Hypoallergenic - Tested under dermatological control

Delicate areas are soothed 76%*
Tugging sensations are reduced 90%*
Skin is repaired 67%*

*Test performed on 20 volonteers having a sensitive skin after the application of the balm. 1x/day / 21 days.

How To Use
Apply to the skin in the evening to ressource or during the day for localised soothing.

Algotherm - AlgoSensi Soothing Tolerance Serum 30ml

Product Description
Intense concentration of softness

It reduces the effects of skin intolerance and sensations of tightness and discomfort. The skin is soothed and less vulnerable, and therefore less reactive and less sensitive.

Advantages: its ultra-effective soothing action and fondant texture.
Skin inflammation is reduced 80%*
Skin is less sensitive day after day 85%*
Skin is less reactive 81%*
Continuous hydratation during 3 h (up to 60%)**

Paraben Free - Phenoxyethanol Free - Hypoallergenic -

Tested under dermatological control
*Test performed on 21 volonteers having a sensitive skin after the application of the serum. 2x/day / 21 days. **

Direction To Use
Apply 2 to 3 drops before your cream on face and neck (morning/night).

Babor - CLEANSING SYSTEM Thermal Toning Essence 200ml

Product Description
An alcohol- and perfume-free face tonic suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

The essence tones and calms the skin and strengthens its natural protective functions after cleansing and/or after a peel.

Contains the Anti-OX Complex, thermal spring water from Aachen and moisturizing aloe vera. The Anti-OX Complex strengthens the skin’s natural defenses against harmful environmental influences. A special polymer additionally supports the skin’s barrier function helps to retain the skin’s moisture content.

How To Use
Use after cleansing and/or a peel. Pour a little onto a cotton pad and apply to the face, neck and décolleté.

Babor - Skinovage Calming Serum 30ml

For Sensitive Skin
Calming Serum intensively soothes the skin. This serum helps reduce irritations and stress related redness, while strengthening skin’s natural protective barrier.

Calming Serum helps to improve the skin’s irritation threshold and makes it react less sensitively and aids in protecting against premature environmental skin aging.

Key Ingredients:
• Power Peptide: Helps skin’s natural rejuvenation process, and helps combat against environmental factors.
• Energy Plus Complex: Active ingredient complex of ATP, Align & Papaya Extract. Helps to stimulate the skin’s natural renewal process. Aids in the regulation of moisture levels in the skin.

How To Use
Apply in the mornings and/or evenings to face after cleansing.

Dosage: 1-2 pumps

Dr. Babor Rebalancing Liquid 200ml

This calming facial toner is suitable for all skin types. With its specially developed formula it optimally prepares the skin, after cleansing, to absorb subsequently applied skincare products.

It leaves the skin looking calmer and more balanced. Feelings of tension are noticeable reduced.

1.5% Capryloyl glycine supports the skin’s natural pH and thus the acid mantle that protects the skin. Beta glucan calms irritated, sensitive skin and leaves a pleasant feel on the skin. Free from fragrances, artificial colorants and alcohol.

How To Use
After cleansing or exfoliating the skin, pour a little liquid onto a cotton pad and apply to the face, neck and décolleté. Leave on to take effect, then apply your regular moisturizer.

Dr. Babor Ultimate Calming Serum 30ml

An effective active cosmetic concentrate to soothe stressed skin.

It is ideal for soothing skin that is stressed due, for example, lack of sleep, air conditioning, exposure to sunlight, smoke or environmental stressors.Benefit: skin feels calmer and appears naturally balanced.

The exclusively plant-based active complex of cardiospermum, echium and sunflower help to sooth irritated skin and restores and balace the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

How To Use
Screw the pipette onto the bottle. After cleansing the skin, apply the serum and leave on to take effect. Then apply a moisturizing cream on top. To help reduce the appearance of skin sensitivity, use the serum regularly in the morning and/or evening over an extended period.

Mary Cohr - Instant Soothing Cream 50ml

Product Description
On a day-to-day basis, this cream works wonders on the driest of skins, which it instantaneously provides with long-lasting nourishment.
The skin is repaired and natural defences are reinforced. Skin irritations (caused by the sun, cold, burning feelings, peeling, flakiness, etc.) are soothed. The skin is soothed, and it then feels soft and comfortable.
• The skin is optimally ‘repaired’ and its natural defence mechanisms are reinforced.
• Sensations of cutaneous irritation (exposure to the sun, cold, burns, flakiness, sores, etc.) are soothed.
• Softness and comfort are restored to the skin.

How To Use
Apply daily, morning and evening, to the whole of the face.

Mary Cohr - MultiSensitive Cream 50ml

Product Description
This skincare cream, rich in natural active ingredients with exceptional properties, soothes delicate skin and protects it from external stress factors.

On the inside, MultiSensitive Cream nourishes skin, reinforcing its natural barrier function and isolating the epidermis from external aggressions.
On the outside, it helps skin protect itself by soothing symptoms of cutaneous sensitivity.
Softness and comfort are restored to skin.

How To Use
Apply to the entire face daily, morning and evening.

Mary Cohr - MultiSensitive Mask 50ml

Product Description
Gentle calming care for reactive skin, this mask has an immediate refreshing effect, while releasing its powerful soothing ingredients to instantly treat skin.

After 10 minutes, skin is soothed and comfort is fully restored.

How To Use
Apply to thoroughly cleansed face and neck. Leave on for 10 minutes and then wipe off with a damp washcloth.
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