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Beauty begins with Luxor Beauty World Sdn. Bhd
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Longevity Youth Care
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Mary Cohr - Age SIGNeS Corrector 6ml

Product Description
This incredible "instant wrinkle eraser" targets each individual wrinkle for a visible “Lifting” effect after the first application.

It offers dual simultaneous action:

- The physical action of the dermo-balls smoothes away wrinkles on the skin's surface.
- The biological action of Hyaluronic Acid provides a "Rejuvenating" effect at the core of the wrinkle, filling it in from within. Wrinkles are visibly diminished and the face looks younger.

How To Use
Before use, press firmly on the button to fill the dermo-balls with the serum enriched in Hyaluronic Acid.
Roll the dermo-balls over the wrinkles and areas requiring treatment (forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet, smile lines, neck…), then gently massage the serum into the skin with fingertips.
Use morning and evening, underneath your regular skincare cream.

Mary Cohr - Age SIGNeS Repair 25ml

Product Description
A genuine intensive Rejuvenation treatment course, Age SIGNeS Repair is a high-concentration serum, with 60 cell active ingredients, which will combat the visible signs of ageing.

The skin looks visibly younger and firmer. Wrinkles and lines are lessened and signs of fatigue fade.

How To Use
For best results apply in the evening to a cleansed face and neck using gentle pressure to massage.

Mary Cohr - Double Youth Multi-Cellular Anti- Aging Face Cream 50ml

Product Description
Double Youth Multi-Cellular Concentrate is exceptional global anti-ageing skincare. Multi-Cellular Concentrate is known for its remarkable properties that boost cellular multiplication and regeneration of the skin's elastic fibres. Day after day, signs of ageing diminish and the face appears visibly younger-looking.

How To Use
Apply morning and/or evening to thoroughly cleansed face and neck.

Mary Cohr - Enriched New Youth 50ml

Product Description
Right from the first week of use the skin gets firmer and more luminous and wrinkles progressively fade away.
• Day after day, the Cellular Life Concentrate effectively regenerates the skin and restores optimal comfort.
• The skin becomes firmer and more luminous. Little by little, wrinkles diminish and the facial contours become firmer.
• Optimally nourished and moisturised, the skin feels increasingly comfortable and is more effectively protected.
• Targets all of the parameters of the ageing process (cellular, nutritive and tissue action).
• Its rich, yet light texture leaves a powdery and non-greasy film over the surface, which instantly “lifts” and tones the skin.

How To Use
Apply daily, morning and evening, to the whole of the face.

Mary Cohr - New Youth 50ml

Product Description
Nouvelle Jeunesse cream boosts the vital functions of cells and offsets the effects of hormone deficiencies, making skin visibly younger-looking, firmer and radiant with health.
Over and above its extraordinary anti-ageing effectiveness, it recreates the elasticity of the skin.
Day after day, wrinkles fade, the skin regains tone and the face gets younger and younger looking.

How To Use
Apply daily, morning and evening, to the whole of the face.

Mary Cohr - New Youth Eye Contour 15ml

Product Description
With incredibly effective action on firmin crow's-feet and eyelids, when used regulary.
This revolutionary eye care minimizes dark circles and marks of fatique.
The eyes look younger and brighter.

How To Use
Apply morning and evening to the eye area after cleansing. With your ring finger, path lightly, morving from the outer corner of the eye inwards.

Mary Cohr - New Youth Mask 50ml

Product Description
In 10 minutes, the face brightens up with new life and new radiance!
As it is rich in Cellular Life Concentrate and Hyaluronic Acid, New Youth Mask revives cell activity and refreshes the face.

How To Use
Apply a thick layer to the face, eye area and neck.
Leave it on for 10 minutesand remove with a damp cloth.
Use 2-3 times a week.

Mary Cohr - New Youth Neck and Decollete Care 30ml

Product Description
Firming, smoothing, age spots cream gel.

Rejuvenate the feel of the neck and décolleté.
Firm the neck.
Smooth out the appearance of wrinkles.
Reduce the appearance of age spots.

How To Use
Apply to the neck and décolleté, morning and evening. Gently massage into skin from the décolleté up to the chin.

Mary Cohr - New Youth Serum Cellular Renewal 30ml

Product Description
Takes years off your face!

This serum diffuses its Rejuvenating active ingredients in the skin, boosting the vital functions of cells and firming the epidermis.

The face is smoother and the skin more supple.

How To Use
Apply morning and evening to the whole of the face. Intensive treatment lasting one month or all year long.
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